Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our First Post

Well, this is it. I am offically a blogger. I don't know how much I will up date it but I will try to keep it up. The Wilkinson Wonders are very busy this summer with more projects than we have time, but isn't that how almost everyone is?
Our major project that I want to get done the most is finish the upstairs. But my first step is to clean all of our storage our from up there and put it in the trailer to store it. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have it all cleaned out so we can start ripping out the old panelling. I am so excited to finally get the upstairs done, but then we won't have any storage. So we will have to figure that one out later.
Shaun is now working at Nucor Building Systems in Brigham City, on swing shift from 2-10. It is good and bad. Good because he can be with the girls during the day so they only have to go to Gale's or Grandma's a few hours a day instead of all day. Roping has been slow because he has been having to work on Saturday's, but hopefully we will be going to Jackson Hole the next 2 weekends if he doesn't have to work.

I'm still working for the government out to Thiokol and selling Pampered Chef. I am in the Ladies Softball League Presidentcy this year so every Thursday night is full of softball. Very time consuming but fun. But I have volunteered my year so next year someone else can take my place. We planted a semi-garden this year. Shaun made me a couple of garden boxes and Sydney and I planted corn in one and tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas in the other. They have come up so and the tomatotes have some blossoms on them. So far so good.
Sydney started Swimming lessons yesterday and loves it. Thursday she is going to try out for the Box Elder Co. Fair Little Miss Rodeo Queen. Dad has been helping her ride ruby this last week so hopefully she will be able to ride her by herself and not have Grandpa Scott lead her. But the main thing is she will have fun and that is the most important part.
Shelby has so much engery she doesn't know what to do with it. She loves babies, doggies, and horsies. She doesn't want to be held unless she is tired or hurt. On father's day she put her hands on a truck toolbox and burnt them. We ended up taking her to the emergency because we couldn't calm her down. They said that is was like a severe sunburn. They blistered a little but now she is as good as new (well almost). She loves to give kisses and hugs.