Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sydney gets Baptized

Sydney was baptized on February 4, 2012. I am so proud of her to for making the decision to become a memeber of the church. We started talking about it last Fall and she was really worried and "scarred" I guess you could say but as she got closer to 8 and we talked more about it and she learned more she got more and more excited. I think she was really worried about the actually getting wet part. I think she thought you had to stay under water for a long time. We had a lot of support from our family, which made it even better. She was baptized and confirmed by her Grandpa Len (my mom's husband).

Mom, Sydney, Dad Her friends that also got baptized: Abbi Moore, Brook Thompson, Sydney

Grandma Sue, Sydney, Grandpa Len

Shelby, Sydney, and Preston

Sydney on her big day!