Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing Queens and the Crown Prince

Sydney and one of her best friends Sophie at the Celebrity Dance Competition.  
 Sydney in her ballet/lyrical dance outfit.  
 Shelby in her dance costume
 Sydney, Sophie and Shelby at their dance review.
 Preston doesn't take dance but he sure wants to, he can shake his booty with the girls pretty well.  We had to post a couple of pictures of him to be fair.  Here he wanted me to take a picture of his skateboard that he got out of a happy meal.  
 I bought this Colt's sweatshirt on clearance (Shaun's 2nd favorite team) for next year, Preston found it and had to put it on.  Then he said, "mom take a picture of me".  He is also sporting an pretty fancy fat lip that he got when he slipped on the outside stairs.