Monday, May 27, 2013

Horse Races and Disneyland

The first part of December we drove to California and went to Los Alimitos to the Horse Races and then hit Disneyland for a few days.  All of Shaun's family went with us. 

We stayed at the Desert Palms Inn & Suites, and loved it.  It had a hot breakfast buffet included that the kids loved (so did Shaun and I).  I like not having to go somewhere else for breakfast and then paying for it just to have the kids not eat it.  This way each of us got what we wanted.  Every morning they had something different for the hot item.  After we ate we went back to the room and got our stuff to head to the park.  It was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel door to the Parks gate, a lot better than having to catch a shuttle.  We will defiantly be staying there again next time we go. Preston asks about once a week when we are going back to Disneyland, hopefully next December!
Preston, Shelby, and Sydney waiting for the horseraces to begin.

Sydney, Shelby, Reggie, & Hudson with Jasmine. (Preston wouldn't get his picture taken with a girl)
The kids with Santa, we had to go all the way to California to see him. :)

The kids waiting in line to go on the Cars ride.  We got fast passes at 9:15 in the morning and didn't ride until almost 8:00 that night, glad we were able to get fast passes, if not we would have had to wait in line for 2 hours to ride it.

Preston had waiting all day to see Lightening McQueen and we finally got there and he was asleep.
It's almost been 6 months since we went and almost weekly Preston asks when are we going back to Disneyland.  I hope they never get tired of it, because I love Disneyland! Our favorite Rides:
Dad: Soaring over California
Mom: California Screaming
Sydney: Californai Screaming
Shelby: Space Mountain
Preston: Cars and Buzz Lightyear

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Halloween & Nutcracker

We had a Cowboy, an Indian, and a Daphane for Halloween this year.  The kids got to dress up 4 times through out the week for parties and trick or treating. 
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we take a trip to see Cache Valley Children's Ballet do the performance of The Nutcracker over in Logan.  Preston was old enough to go this year and he actually liked it.  I asked him if he wanted to stay home with Dad next year and he said no, he wanted to go again (even though he is the only boy.)  We went to the princess tea party before and the kids got their picture taken with The Caviler and the Sugar Plum Fairy.   We then headed over to the The Blue Bird and had lunch before heading back to the Eccles Theater to see the ballet.  This year we had 20 of us go, we took up the whole front row of the Mezzanene plus a few extras above us. 
 The Girls with Clara
Preston in his little man suit.