Friday, April 22, 2011

Boots and Hair Cut

Last month We got Sydney's hair cut. We haven't cut it in awhile. It looks much better now.


After--Much Better!
Preston loves boots. These are Sydney's rain boots. He loves to put them on and run around the house

Friday, April 15, 2011


So I got a Kindle for my birthday from Shaun and the kids, becaue Shaun know how much I LOVE to read. I always have a book with me almost everywhere I go. Ok, I got a picture of a Kindle with Shaun telling me to order the one I wanted because he didn't know how. So, I had been putting it off because I was like, that is a lot of money for my Birthday presnt and a Kindle is a total WANT, with no NEED at all. So after Shaun asking almost everyday if I had ordered it I finally did. I didn't get the one with the 3G network because I have wireless at home that I can use, so why spend the extra $60. Well I got it a couple of days ago and finally about 10:00 pm after everyone was in bed I was able to open it and look at the wonder new reader I had received. I plugged it in to start charging before I even read the instructions (isn't that what everyone does?). On my lunch I got on Amazon and got a few free books and the scriptures, hoping to come home and find them all on my kindle so I could start reading. Well I get home last night and they aren't on my Kindle. I was like WHAT?!?! I opened up my owners manul (which I should have finished reading before) and figured out that it wasn't picking up my wireless connection. So I tried to set it up manually and no luck. So I call my internet provider to let them know that my wireless was not working. Well in the process the customer service person also took out my DSL line. SO know I have no wireless and no DSL internet. She put in a ticket for somone to come by today. I told her to make sure that is was sometime after 3 pm because we won't be home until after that. Hopefully when I get home tonight my internet person will come and fix everthing so I can use my wireless and be able to FINALLY use my KINDLE. Good thing I have a BIG purse to take it with me everywhere!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taylor Swift

So I just got on to buy Taylor Swift presale tickets and they only have upper bowl tickets, which are the same price as the lower bowl, 69.50 a piece. Which I do not mind paying that price for lower bowl but not for upper bowl. Plus they charge $15.50 each ticket for stupid processing fees, that is rediculous. I am going to try Friday when they offically go on sale to the public and see if they have lower bowl seats availible. I am hoping they saved some for the public sale. I noticed that all the scalping website already have tickets on sale. How in the heck did they get them already? Ok, off my soap box now.