Monday, September 30, 2013

Sydney the Hair Dresser

I let Sydney play with my hair one day and this is the hairstyle she came up with.  Not too bad, but I don't think she could do it again if she tried.  We just may have a hairdresser in the family.  The girls love to play "hairdresser" and take turns being Alisha (my friend that does my hair).

Easter 2013

 On Easter this year we were at the last day of World Chariot Races.  So the kids didn't get to wear their Sunday Easter clothes until two weeks after because of General Conference.   This year I let the girls pick out their dresses and they decided on matching dresses.  Preston of course just goes with the flow.

The kids did get to have an Easter Egg hunt at the Races.  Mrs. Warner from our club brought eggs and hide them for the kids out by the horse trailers.  Thank goodness because that was the only egg hunt they got this year.  Easter morning we had to wake up early and hurry to get down to Ogden to the Races to get the horses ready.  It was a fun day to spend with family and friends.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Family Fun at the Races

The girls in the Nebo club (ours, Greens, and Warrens) decided to hang posters and wash chariots for $1 each on the last weekend.  They loved doing it and plan on doing it again.  Plus, I think the drivers enjoyed not having to do it themselves.

Sydney Green, Sydney, and Shelby being silly.
Sydney's self portrait

Sydney and Preston in the Warren's horse.  They are also in the Nebo Club
Kouckie Monster

Antonion and Koukie Monster going down for their final race of the year.
The belt buckle we got.

Finally at the Worlds the weather was nice enough to run around without a jacket. We ended up taking 4th place in the 5th division, not bad for the horses first year and Shaun and Lyn working together.  The kids had a blast, I enjoyed filming and being the cheerleader.  It's almost time to start back up again.