Monday, January 10, 2011


The 2nd week of December we to a 10 day vacation to Vegas and Disneyland. We left on Wednesday night. We were almost out of town and the check engine light came on in the car. So, we turned around and went back home and took switched everything to the truck. We ended up getting out of here about 8 pm that night. We drove to Mesquite and got back to bed 2 am Pacific time. It was nice to get most of the drive over with while the kids were all asleep. We spent Thursday and Friday in Las Vegas. The NFR was there so we went to the Cowboy Christmas' and did some shopping. That is just as fun as going to the rodeo. We decided not to get tickets to the NFR this year because I didn't want to pay that much for my kids to go, they just aren't old enough to appreciate it yet.

Saturday morning we got up and drove to California. We went to the horseraces that night at Los Alamitos and watch the Champion of Champion races. It was fun to be there for the upset. Shaun won enough money on that 1 race to pay for to whole night, tickets, dinner, and betting, we broke even for the day.

We went to Disneyland Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I don't know who had more fun me or the kids. We haven't been to Disneyland since our honeymoon 9 years ago. The kids were great. Shaun's parents came latter Sunday, they stayed in Vegas one more night for the last night of NFR. I hope they had fun and we didn't run them to death. We didn't take breaks at all. They're favorite part was seeing all the characters and the Pixar parade. We went and watched it everynight. Shaun loved the parad just as much as the kids did. My favorite ride is now the California Screamin rollercoaster. The longest we had to wait in any ride was 20 minutes, loved that. The kids' favorite ride was Peter Pan. We are deffinantly ready to go back. But first we are saving for a Disney cruise to the Mexican Riveria. I can't wait!

Below are just some of the pictures I took of our vacation.

This was all Shelby's idea. We were sitting there eating and she turns around and says mom look at me! So I had to get a picture.

The first morning after Disneyland.

This is my all time favorite picture of Preston

Preston refused to get in the picture with the Fairies, he just stood over to the side looking mischevious

Our last picture as we were heading out of California Adventure. Preston was asleep. We had so much fun!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went and took pictures for Christmas cards. It was soooo cold, but that was the only day I could do them before our vacation. For being so cold, they turned out pretty good, it helps when you have cute kids (at least I think so). I took them at the old movie house in Garland and then at our storage units by the Garland Grade schoolHope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!