Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We are finally ready to paint the upstairs. Just need to get the stair railing done, then carpet after we finish painting, which seems like forever. With 3 kids, I have to do a little at a time, but I am getting there. I have painted all the trim and doors since I took these picutres. I also got the small storage/toyroom and TV room taped to. I just haven't been able to find enough time to paint a room yet without getting interupted by kids.

The stairway

TV room where the couch will go, if we can find a couch to fit through the doorway at the top of the stairs, it is only 28" wide. We may have to settle with a futton. The TV will go between the two doors, the little room that the doors go into will be a toy/tote storage space.

Just the window looking out of the TV room at our back yard/property.
The doorway to the girls bedroom. I am hoping to put my sewing machine in the little nook on the right.

The girls bedroom, the closet off to the left. On the wall we are going to put a huge dry earse board I got at work for $2, I found dryearse crayons so I don't have to worry about the lids and markers going where they shouldn't.

The doormer where Sydney's bed will be, Shelby's is straight across from Sydney's on the other side of the room, the exact same way.

The closet

That's all. I will post some more when I actually get a wall painted hopefully this weekend. I did get the stair railing stained, now I just need to varnish it.

Father's Day

The kids woke up and instantly wanted to give dad his presents. He got a new shirt, a lens cleaner for his hunting gear and sunglasses, money for his horse and a chocolate tool box.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Coach Pitch Ball

This was Sydney's first year playing coach pitch ball. She did great, improving every game. Her coach was wonderful, they actually had practices, which I know helped a lot. She only struck out a few times the whole season. She had a lot of friend from school on her team, which helped out. Plus, she wasn't the only girl on the team this year.

Here is Preston and Shelby playing in the sand at the park they were smart and picked the only shadey spot on the playground. (They must have a good mother to teach them ;) )

Sydney up to bat. Sometimes I think the helmet is more than a hinderance than a help when they helmet s too big.
Sydney getting in front of the ball to stop it. A ball player in the making, hopefully.

Warming up before the game.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today in sacrement meeting Shelby turns to me and says very seriously, "Mom my panties are stuck in my bum." The lady in front of me just starts laughing. As I try to explain that you don't say that out loud in church, I can not hold myself together without laughing to. I finally got it togther and told her if she needed to say that, she needs to tell me in my ear. After church the lady in front of me said "That is the funniest thing ever, my kids would so say that too." I am just glad that a mom was sitting in front of me that has the same age kids as me and understood.

Memorial Day

Shelby by my mom's baby sister that passed away at only 2 weeks old.

My Dad's headstone. I can't believe he has been gone 3 1/2 years. It seems so long ago, yet so close. I am glad that we are close enough that we get to help put up the cross' and the flags every year to honor the vetern's that have served our country. The cemetary looks so great when all the flags.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christmas In July Boutique!

Christmas In July Boutique
Wednesday, July 13th
5-9 pm
585 West Factory, Garland
(My House)

Bring a can of food to donate to the Food Pantry & get entered for prize drawings. I will also be giving away some great Pampered Chef Products at my booth!

Some of the Vendors:

Pampered Chef


Shelf Reliance


Mary Kay

Tutu’s/Hair bows

DIY Crafts

Dream It! Wood Crafts

Paparazzi Accs


Soda Pop accs.
Usborne Books

Homemade Gourmet

Allison's Pantry

Hair Feathers

Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring Pictures

Lucy (our friend from Australia) and Preston at Shelby and Sydney's dance review. We got there 45 min early and there was no seating so we were at the very top sitting in the window seals.
Hudson and Preston at the dance review being silly.

Lucy and Shelby saying goodbye. It was Lucy's last night before they were headed from home, back to Australia.

Preston at the Grade School fundraiser

Shelby at the school

Sydney's first lap at the schools jog a thon. They were raising money for the new playground equipment for the new school they are going to this fall. She did 21 laps in 1 hour. Way to go!

Preston doing his gangsta walk.

Preston go into my mascara when I wasn't home, thought he would make himself beautiful.

Preston found the electric drill and decided he needed to fix his lawn mower.