Monday, July 18, 2011

Coach Pitch Ball

This was Sydney's first year playing coach pitch ball. She did great, improving every game. Her coach was wonderful, they actually had practices, which I know helped a lot. She only struck out a few times the whole season. She had a lot of friend from school on her team, which helped out. Plus, she wasn't the only girl on the team this year.

Here is Preston and Shelby playing in the sand at the park they were smart and picked the only shadey spot on the playground. (They must have a good mother to teach them ;) )

Sydney up to bat. Sometimes I think the helmet is more than a hinderance than a help when they helmet s too big.
Sydney getting in front of the ball to stop it. A ball player in the making, hopefully.

Warming up before the game.


Lisa said...

I love her mitt! James starts little league this fall and I can't wait!