Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring Pictures

Lucy (our friend from Australia) and Preston at Shelby and Sydney's dance review. We got there 45 min early and there was no seating so we were at the very top sitting in the window seals.
Hudson and Preston at the dance review being silly.

Lucy and Shelby saying goodbye. It was Lucy's last night before they were headed from home, back to Australia.

Preston at the Grade School fundraiser

Shelby at the school

Sydney's first lap at the schools jog a thon. They were raising money for the new playground equipment for the new school they are going to this fall. She did 21 laps in 1 hour. Way to go!

Preston doing his gangsta walk.

Preston go into my mascara when I wasn't home, thought he would make himself beautiful.

Preston found the electric drill and decided he needed to fix his lawn mower.


Lisa said...

Man, your kids are getting so big! I can see a lot of you in them - such cuties :)