Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Colt & Pictures of the Kids

We got corn on the cob in our Bountiful Basket and is was so good. This is Preston's first time eating corn on the cob. He did pretty good cleaning it off. He loved it. We have had it a few times since and he just can't get enough.

Preston enjoying his popcicle. It took a few washes but I got the red out of his shirt. I suggest not buying cheap superman popcicles, they have a lot of dye in them.

Preston loves to play in the gator. I can only imagin the places he will try to go when he figures out how drive it.

Shelby striking a pose.

Sydney enjoying a cupcake at Grandpa Scott's B-day party.

Preston saw the ice cream scoop on the counter and thought he needed some ice cream. He pushed the stool over to the bar and climbed up and got it. I think I am going to have a problem with him getting into everything.

Shelby playing with the electrical tape, making a mustache like Daddy's

Sydney's Shining Star poster for Kindergarten. Each week in her class a different kid got to be the Shinning Star and be Mrs. Anderson's special helper and be at the front of the line. Sydney had fun picking out the pictures and glueing them on. She did a great job cutting around the flowers to put on it.

Preston onGrandma Bev's lawn mower, he didn't want to get off when it was time.

In April we got a new colt. Shaun's sister called and said Anne had it and it was a little girl. So, we headed over to Shaun's parents house in Smithfield and took a look. Shaun caught it and let the kids pet it. Then a about a week later Shaun's dad called and said that our little filly colt was now a horse colt. No one had really looked at it and thought it was a girl, so needless to say Shaun was even happier because we now had a boy instead of a girl. Here are some cute pictures of the little guy. Right now we think he is going to be a blue roan. The kids named him Blue Jeans, we are going to try and register his name as Forever In Blue Jeans.