Monday, March 29, 2010


So, I won again on that is twice this month. March has definately turned out to be lucky for me this year. I won a cute pair of giggle toe shoes, all of my kids are too big to have a pair, so I am getting them for my new little niece, Reggie, that will be arriving some time in Aug. You can go here see/order them, I looked into getting some for Preston when he was a baby but everywhere I found them they were $25, these are only $12.95, so pretty resonable.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Army Wives Premiere

I just found out that the new season of Army Wives starts on April 11th. If you haven't watched it you might like it. It's about 5 women that are wives of Army husbands and their everyday life. Very good. It is on Lifetime (channel 108 if you have Dish), Sundays at 8 pm. Here is a link to the trailer

Friday, March 5, 2010

I must be a little bit Lucky & 2009 Top Blogs

I just won a $50 gift certificate to MelissaDavisDesgins on, that's 2 things I have one in less than 2 weeks. It just must be my lucky month. Now I just need to figure out what I am going to use my gift certficate on. I guess I better start looking. Hope you all have a lucky month to.

So, if you are ever bored and want to do a littl bloghopping go to and see her top 100 blogs. There is everything from everyday chit chat, hairstyles for girls, to moms and politics.