Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Fun!!

Preston trying to sit up. Some days he is really good and others he just can't seen to stay up straight, but he is coming along.
As you can tell, he likes Sweet Potatoes a little better. Shelby has decided that it is her job to feed Preston. It's a circus when we are both trying to feed him, but it is either that or listen to bawling and whinning the whole time. She is a good big sister, but tries to help just a little too much sometimes. Shelby is by far my most independent one (I thought Sydney was independent at that age, Shelby has her beat by a mile.)

Preston's first enco unter with food!! He did ok, didn't fuss too much but the girls adapted to it a lost fast than he did. He loves his bottle. On his 4 month check up he was 17 lbs, big boy, but we love him. He is 80% in his height and weight. At least he is proportional.
We went to the Oquirrah (sp?) Mountain temple openhouse a couple of weeks ago for activity days and Sydney was able to go with us. Her favorite part was where " The Dead People are Baptized". I then explained the real meaning and she seemed to under stand somewhat. I loved the star chandaliers and the stars in the windows, such a beautiful temple.

This was Sydney's first year of playing t-ball and she had so much fun. She went from taking a ton of swings to hit the ball to only needing a few. She has so much fun no matter what she is doing.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Well I finally got to Kiddie Kandids and got Shelby's 2 yr pictures taken and Preston's baby blessing pictures taken. They turned out great. Shelby didn't want to stop posing.

She seen this chair and just had to have her picture taken with.

This is the most serious she has ever been. I can't believe the photographer caught this. We got it in black and white. It turned out so cute.
We are lucky his blessing outfit still fit. I was only 2 months late on getting his pictures taken.

All 3 together. They turned out really cute.