Monday, July 6, 2009


Well I finally got to Kiddie Kandids and got Shelby's 2 yr pictures taken and Preston's baby blessing pictures taken. They turned out great. Shelby didn't want to stop posing.

She seen this chair and just had to have her picture taken with.

This is the most serious she has ever been. I can't believe the photographer caught this. We got it in black and white. It turned out so cute.
We are lucky his blessing outfit still fit. I was only 2 months late on getting his pictures taken.

All 3 together. They turned out really cute.


wilker_52481 said...

They look so cute! Little Shelby, such a poser.

Heather W. said...

Awwwh Too cute!

Jesse and Karli Munns said...

How cute your kids are getting so big. Yes we are going to find out i cant wait to start shopping for it :)

Belinda Mullan said...

Gorgeous pictures Laura - how you get them all to pose like that I'll never know! Wish it was summer down here....can't wait for it! Big hugs & kisses to your gang from us

The Botts said...

What fun and how totally cute!! I am due Dec.18th ....we r pretty sure it's a boy. Lance is excited!!

Lisa said...

What cute kids!