Sunday, August 25, 2013

Piano and Ironing

This year was Sydney's first year taking piano lessons.  We don't have a piano but we do have a small keyboard that she was able to practice on.  Almost every week she would pass off her songs, she does pretty good for doing it all by herself, I don't know how to play the paino and can't help her much at all.  I'm very proud of her and hope she will stick with it.  Her recital was on my Birthday, it was a great present to watch the kids play, she played "My Frog", she did wonderful.  She took the summer off and is going to start back up again in a few weeks.  If she keeps it up we will eventually get a piano.

Shelby loves to iron, everytime I get out the ironing board she runs upstairs and gets a bunch of t-shirts to iron.  I hope she gets good enough that she can just do all of the ironing soon. :)