Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taylor Swift

So I just got on to buy Taylor Swift presale tickets and they only have upper bowl tickets, which are the same price as the lower bowl, 69.50 a piece. Which I do not mind paying that price for lower bowl but not for upper bowl. Plus they charge $15.50 each ticket for stupid processing fees, that is rediculous. I am going to try Friday when they offically go on sale to the public and see if they have lower bowl seats availible. I am hoping they saved some for the public sale. I noticed that all the scalping website already have tickets on sale. How in the heck did they get them already? Ok, off my soap box now.


Brooks, Amber & Maggie Jo said...

I wanted to hear about the Reba concert. What did you think? You had great tickets so I wanted to hear the scoop. My mom went and sat on the upper bowl and loved it.