Friday, January 23, 2009

My TV Shows

For those of you that are Grey's Anatomy fans, did you watch last night? I can't believe that Izzie is going to die. I was almost brought to tears (ok my eyes watered a lot) when she was so mean to Denny at the end because he was so sincere to her. But I guess if I found out I was going die I would be mad to. I can't wait 2 weeks to find out what happens.

Ok, next Show ER. I think Morse and the cop are going to hook up. Sma shouldn't be mad at Tony for moving on, my heck she is the one that broke it off with him.

AMERican IDol!!!!! Love it, I can't wait until next Wednesday when they show the SLC auditions. I am excited to see how they portray SLC. I don't have any favs so far, but the ones I really like are all girls. No boys have really stood out for me yet. Except one kind of did in Louisville, the guy in the blue t-shirt. Simon was trying to give him some constructive criticizm (sp?) and kara and Paula wouldn't let him. Paula is getting more and more on my nerves. I think they need to get rid of her. Rumor has it that Kara is taking Paula's place and Paula is going to be out of here at the end of the season. Well see!!

We do an American Idol poll here at work if anyone wants to join. It is $10 and there is a ton of different ways to win $$. Let me know if you want to get in on it. Some of the picks are: you pick the winner, pick top 2, pick a male or female to win, and also you pick who goes home every week. It is really fun. Everyone won some $$ last year. I was the big winner last year and won $29.