Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday, Dress Up, Snow Day, & Update

Well, no baby this weekend. We thought for sure he would come. He is just way to cozy in there. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and hopefully he will start me tomorrow afternoon or early Wednesday morning. He decided to let me go a little longer, which I wasn't thrilled, but doctor usually knows best (at least in all my cases he has).

So, we have basically decided on a name and came up with one that we thought about at the first of our pregnancy when we were throwing out names, but never gave it a 2nd thought until recently. So we are keeping it a surprise until after he is born (just in case we change our minds). I'll post pictures when we get home from the hospital which I hope isn't too far away. I just seen on the weather report that a huge storm is suppose to hit sometime today and continue through until Wed night or Thursday morning. If it is THAT big, I sure hope they don't close the road to Logan because we will be SOL!! I guess we would have to go to McKay Dee in Ogden. Does anyone know of a good OB there, Just in case?

I decided to go out and shovel our sidewalk to see if it would put me in labor, well no luck. But the girls had a blast and Shelby bawled and bawled when it was time to come in. We went out like at 9 am so it was a little chilly. They were out there for a good 1/2 hour before I made them come in. I was getting cold standing out there and my coat wouldn't zip up because of my big belly. But hot chocolate made it better after I fought to get her snow clothes off.

The girls love to dress up, this is their lastest creatation.

I gave my 2nd attempt at making a b-day cake. The first attempt was last year on Shelby's birthday I made her a carebear cake. Sydney's turned out good to. It was fun and a lot more meaningful that I made it instead of just buying it from the store. Shelby's birthday is next month and I am going to make her a mickey mouse or minnie mouse cake if I can find a cake mold. If any of you have one that I could borrow I would be very greatful. Those things are hard to find sometimes. Sydney wanted a ballerina cake but I could not find one. I looked all over the internet and in all the stores, no luck


Lisa said...

Wishing you a quick, and wonderful birth! Can't wait to hear the name! ;-)

Heather W. said...

Hey... The best Dr ever happens to work at Mckay, his name is Dr. Jeff Arrington. He delivered Bridger, so if you happen to go there...ask for him. Cute pics, Bridger is the same about being outside he can be cold but he don't care he loves it and he usually throws a fit when I bring him in the house ...too funny. Well Good Luck this week hope everything goes well.