Friday, March 6, 2009

Shelby's time at the ER

Well we got to use the new hospital on Wednesday at 1 am. Shelby woke up and either walked into the dresser or hit it as she was getting out of bed. I heard her crying, thinking no big deal she does that sometimes when she wakes in the middle of the night. When I opened her bedroom door she was standing there crying saying "I bonked my head". I picked her up and was consuling her when I looked down and there was blood on her face. After cleaning her up I took her into the ER (Shaun stayed home with the other kids) she came out with 4 stitches. She did really well for a 2 year old. They strapped her down on a papose board which made her cry the most. After they were done and unstrapped her she stopped crying sat up and said "Thank you" they gave her suckers and about 20 Dora bandaids. We get to go back in on Monday for them to remove the stitches.


Andrew and Lindsey said...

what a brave little girl!!