Monday, February 22, 2010

Sydney and Preston's Birthdays

Sydney and Preston's birthdays are 1 1/2 months apart but I am just getting around to posting. Sydney's birthday, January 2nd, fell on a charriot racing day so we went to the races and then came home and got ready to go to the Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. My daughter has great taste. I was really glad she didn't say McDonalds. Plus, I didn't have to clean house. It was still all a mess from Christmas.

Sydney was very nice and asked our servers to have a piece of cake. Luckily they were close to closing time and they weren't busy. Sydney picked out Red Velvet for her cake and loved it. Now everytime we go to the store she wants to buy a red velvet cake mix.

Sydney got reading books from us so she could practice her reading. She is doing very well but now she has to read EVERYTHING that has words on it.

Preston, Sydney and Shelby with Sydney's birthday gifts from mom and dad and the kids. She got new bedding and a rug to match. Books, Shoes, math workbooks, and a tinkerbell stepping stone maker.