Friday, August 20, 2010

Freezer Corn

We did freezer corn on Wednesday with 4 kids running around. As we were husking it Preston and Shelby would get an ear and eat it raw. I have no idea how they could stand it but they ate like 2 ears each like that. Preston carried his around with him outside and would take a bit every now and then. It was funny to watch him. A HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Heather and her husband for planting it in their field, helping me pick it, and then coming and helping me put it up, it saved me a lot of time. I got 28 bags of corn.


Ashley Hansen said...

did you use your kernel cutter?

Heather W. said...

Your very welcome.. we JUST finished all the corn today. I'm sooo sick of corn now LOL! I think we ended up with close to 70 bags and me and my split that. I ended up giving some to Sage and Amethyst cause I had way more then I needed.

Laura said...

Ashley, I used my electric knife. But the kernal cutter works great if you don't have a knife. I would for sure use it if I didn't already have an electric knife. But my friend Heather uses hers and loves it. You just have to be careful not to cut yourself, becuase it is very sharp.