Monday, October 18, 2010

4th of July

After my mom's wedding we loaded up the truck and horse trailer and headed to Jackson Hole, WY for the 4th. Shaun team roped all weekend an me and the kids hung out and did whatever we wanted. We slept in the horse trailer dressing room, it wasn't too bad. Sydney, Preston , and I slept in the gooseneck with the nice mattress and Shaun and Shelby slept on the floor.

On the 4th we watched the parade. We sat by some people that were renting a house for the week. They were from Texas and very nice to let us sit there. They had a daughter named Sydney and the same age, the girls were instant friends for the parade and shared their candy with eachother. That night we drove up to Teton Village and watched the fireworks. Some of the best I have ever seen (and heard) the sould bounced of the mountains and created a huge sound like you were in a war. It reminded me of this great country we live in the freedoms we have. Thank you to all the service men and women that have so graciously volunteered to serve our country to keep us save and FREE! I sure hope it stays that way!

The kids eating breakfast outside the trailer. It sure was a lot cheaper than going to McDonald's every day. Plus, the kids loved it.
Sydney playing with the other roping kids
Shelby taking a break from running around and playing
Preston being michevious