Monday, November 7, 2011

First day of School

The first day of school for Shelby and Sydney. Shelby was so excited because it was her first time to go to school and be on a bus. She is a mainstreamer at the Early Learning Center run by the school district in Corinne so she gets to ride the school bus. She is gone almost 4 1/2 hours, she rides the bus an hour to school and an hour home. Most of the time she has a little nap on the way home. She loves her bus drivers they are really good. She loves school and doesn't like Wednesday's becaue she doesn't get to go. She can't wait until next year when she goes to the big school and gets to go everyday. I hope she still feels that way when she gets in middle and high school. Her teachers are Miss Karla, Miss Robin, and Miss Kay.

Sydney is in 2nd grade this year and has Miss Stevenson, this is her first year teaching and she is great. Sydney likes all of the kids in her class loves to go to school every day. She never misses spirit days on Friday. Her favorite subject is break time she says (she really likes all subjects in school)

Preston got up and got ready for school, so we had to take his picture to. He was really bummed when he realized that he didn't get to get on the bus and go to school. He cried until we got in the house. I felt so bad, I hope he still wants to go when it really is his turn.