Monday, April 16, 2012

Goodbye Grand Am

Well after having my car almost 15 years and driving it just over 270,000 miles, we sold it. We thought we better get rid of it before it completely broke down and it wasn't worth anything so we sold it for $500. Shaun and I aren't mechanical at all and we didn't want to keep putting in $100 here and a $100 there for little things that went wrong. That car never left me stranded and it had a great AC. I will miss seeing it in the driveway.

Sydney was pretty sad to see it go, but then I explained why and that we were going to get a replacement and she was a lot better about it. She was that way when we sold the Santa Fe too, I'm suprised she gets so attached to a car, she is my emotional one. Now we are on the hunt for a new run around car that will hopefully last us just as long.