Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chyrstal Hot Springs

This summer our whole family went to Cyrstal Hot Springs for the day.  We took our lunches and pop-up canopy.  It was so much fun, swimming and lounging all day; and it wasn't even crowded.  The girls loved playing in the pools by themselves as we watched from our lawn chairs in the shade.  Preston loved the slide, I couldn't get him off of it.  So he and I spent almost the whole time going up and down the water slide.  I haven't been to Chrystal Hot Springs since I was in High School.  I think we will have to make this a yearly tradition.  I did get sunburned on my back because I forgot to reapply it when I was doing my face, good thing I kept my kids from getting sunburned, 1 unhappy person was enough.

 Uncle Mike took Preston down the slide so I could get a picture of Preston.  I can't believe he liked it so much, I thought he would be the one that was scarred.  The girls were happy going hopping around to all the pools while I took Preston up and down the slide all day.