Monday, December 31, 2012

Fair 2012

This year was no exception to the Fair, we went of course, we were only able to go the first 2 days then we headed to Winnamucca, NV for Shaun to rope. Wednesday we did the parade, the first part anyway, this was Sydney's first year being able to dance in the parade for Dance Factory. She loved it and wants to do it again next year. Then we headed straight out to the fair to ride the rides for family night. Grandma Sue buys the kids each 10 tickets every year and we do it on family night because all the rides are only 1 ticket each.

 Sydney in her dance costume for the Fair Parade.

 I took the kids on the Farris Wheel, I don't remember it being so scary! Maybe because I was worried that Preston would lean over too far and fall out.

Sydney with her friend Kinley Richards from Dance and School.  They were able to ride a few "big" ride together while I took Preston and Shelby on the smaller rides.