Sunday, February 24, 2013

1st Day of School

This year I have all 3 kids in school. Sydney is in 3rd grade, and got Mrs Hardman, a new teacher to the school, but she has been teaching for over 20 years.  I actually palyed soccer with her daughter in High School.  Sydney loves her, Mrs. H does a lot with art and science.  Last week they took broken machines and broke them apart to look at them.  Well we didn't have any here but thanks goodness for Grandma Sue.  Sydney was able to take a water pick, telephone, remote control, hair dryer and a VCR.  Some kids didn't bring an item so Sydney was able to share, thank goodness because I told her she couldn't bring any of it home.

Shelby Kindergarten, and has Mrs. Holdaway, she has been teaching awhile too but this is her first year at Garland.  She teaches an after noon class at north park so she has to go back and forth.  Shelby is starting to read and reads 3 baggie books a night that she brings home from school.  She isn't quit as excited about shcool as Sydney is but she does like it, on my days off when I go upstairs to wake them up, Shelby wants to sleep in and stay home.

Preston started Preschool this year, he will go to two years because he wanted to go to school soo bad. He got in at the Early Learning Center as a Mainstreamer so he gets to ride the bus to and from, which makes it a lot better so daycare doesn't have to take him. The girls were mainstreamers there also and loved it, great expreince for us. He has Miss Starla, and loves school, he only goes twice a week, but he wishes he could go everyday, they do a lot of art at school and work on the kids' speach that are there for help.  Next year he will be doing more preparing for Kindergarten.  He has started to write his name just a little, he can write a "P" pretty good but the rest not so much.  Preston started a week after the girls and that week Shelby didn't have school so she was still in bed when I took Preston's 1st day of school picture.