Monday, June 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 came and went with a bang.  I'm not very good at taking pictures becaue I'm so excited to watch them open presentsOur main Christmas from us was our trip to Disneyland, so Santa is the only one the brought presents this year, plus a few from us. 
 All Preston asked for this year was a back hoe, so of course Santa brought it, he loved it and was so excited Santa remembered.

 Santa brought a big family present this year.  A roping dummy and each kid got a rope and some roping gloves.  Preston named him Red Bull Go Bert.

 Grandma Bev gave all the grandkids Dream Lites.  The girls got butterflies and the boys got turtles.
Sydney and Shelby got Dance Factory warm ups from us for Christmas this year.  Shelby had already taken hers off and gotten her pj's on before I could get a picture of her.