Friday, May 8, 2009

I won a trip to see TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!

I can't belive it. I won a trip to San Deigo to see Taylor Swift in concert. We also get to meet her, get a signed Taylor Swift guitar, and a versa phone (what ever that is). I'm sooooo excited!! It is Memorial Day weekend so not to far away.

It is only for 2 people but we want to take Sydney with us so we will buy her airplane ticket and then we are going to buy a single ticket to the concert and Shaun will just sit by himself or we will put Sydney on our laps. I don't even know where our seats are at, I forgot to ask. I won the trip on facebook on the Taylor Swift fan site. I entered on the last day and got the phone call today. I still don't belive it, I kept asking the verizon lady what the catch was. I don't think I will belive it until I get my reservation confirmations.

Well I just had to post it because we are so excited. We are probably going to stay longer and go to a baseball game, sea world and the zoo, plus Shaun wants to go to the horse races one night. It is going to be a fast exhausting trip but it will be fun. Now I just need to find babysitters for Shelby and Preston because my in-laws might go with us.


Andrew and Lindsey said...

that is so awesome!!! I am so jealous!!!

Shawn and Krystal said...

Hey Laura! That's awesome about the trip you won. Your kids are getting so big! So you're heading back to the grind soon, huh. That's too bad. So Darren is actually leaving DCMA? I thought he would be there for life. Where is he going? Well, hope things are going well for you. I'm not sure if I already congratulated you on the new baby, but if not, CONGRATS!