Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert in San Diego

We we survived the fast paced trip. We left Friday the 22nd and returned home on Monday the 25th. Friday we flew into San Diego and then drove up to Los Alamitos to go to the horse races. It was really fun. Saturday morning we drove back to San Diego and went to the Aquarium at Scripps. Then we went and checked into our hotel at the Sheraton on Harbor Island. The room was so nice it reminded me of Ralph Lauren design. Anyway Saturday night we headed over to Petco Park and went to the Padres and Cubs game. It was really fun. We actually go to sleep in on Sunday we had a late breakfast and then swam all day until it was time to get ready for the concert.

We showed up at the concert and went on the Taylor tour. Taylor's mom gave us the tour, she is really nice and down to earth. Then we got to meet Taylor and have our picture taken with her. That is the only picture we got of her. They are very strict about no one taking pic's with their own camera's. Sydney gave Taylor a lucky penny that she had found earlier that day. It was so sweet. Taylor loved it and gave her a big huge. She is as nice as she is made out to be. Anyway after the meet and greet we headed up to our seats to get ready for the show. Our seats were just off the floor on the 7th row. They were awesome.

After the concert we headed to the verizon tour bus where were we to pick up our pictures, and other Taylor memorabila. We got there and they had everything but our Taylor Swift autographed guitar so she said she would have Taylor personalize it and fedex it when they got to SLC. Well when she found out we were from Utah she gave us 4 tickets to the SLC show and then pick up the gutiar then. So Tuesday we went to see the concert again and it was just as good. We got the gutiar and headed home. What a great trip!! THANKS VERIZON!!

Begining of "Love Story"

During the concert they played a really funny clip about her writing song about all the men in her life. When it was over she started singing and she was up in the audience. It was really neat. She sang and then walked down throuh the crowd and hugged people.

Singing "Tear Drops on My Guitar"

Jam'n out. I love her guitar. I wish we would have won one like this.

One of Taylor's guitarist's.

Taylor singing her opening song "You belong to Me"

Kellee Pickler sang right before Taylor Swift. She did really good, I love her shoes!! She didnt' sing in SLC because she has broncitus, I guess she will be out for 2-3 weeks. Which is sad because was really good, if you like Kellee.

In our seats waiting for the concert to start.

In front of the Verizon Tour bus. This is the bus that all the Verizon employees ride on from concert to concert. Everyone thought it was Taylor bus, but it isn't. Hers doesn't even have her name on it. So you wouldn't even know it was her if you passed it on the road. They wouldn't let us take a picture of it.

Getting ready for the concert.


Lisa said...

Awesome! It sounds like a great concert!

~ Katie said...

That is so cool!! I love that she gave you guys tickets for the SLC show. How nice.