Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So, I am a little late, Easter was 2 months ago and I am just getting these uploaded. I think this we was the year of the Easter Egg Hunts. The kids had 3! We went to Garland's on Saturday, it was cold but there wasn't snow on the ground like last year. Preston got the most eggs and candy. This was his last year in the "baby" section next year he gets to go to the big kids section. My kids are growing too fast.

Preston getting ready to "hunt" eggs and candy.

Shelby after the egg hunt
Sydney at the egg hunt, too cold to look up at the camera.

Preston coloring Easter Eggs. We painted them this year instead of dyeing them. They turned out great.

Shelby hard at work

Sydney showingoff her smile while painting her egg.

The finished product!

Sydney, Shelby, Preston, & Axton at my mom's after her egg hunt. I can't believe I got all of them looking at the camera.

The kids in their Easter church clothes
All the kids lined up at Grandma Bev's ready for the egg hunt. Notice the really big kid in there!