Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LeAnn, Reba, & George Concert

In April Shaun and I went to the George & Reba Concert. This was the first time I had ever seen either one in concert. We thought we better go before ol'e George retires and stops doing concerts. It was great. Shaun had never eaten at PF Changs so we went there for dinner then walked over to the concert.

Miss LeAnn Womack opened, she was great, she is just a little thing only about 5'2'' and wore like 6" heels walking around signing. I don't know how she did it.

Next this wonderful lady came out and entertained us. I hope to go to her concert again next time she comes. Very entertaining. I like going to these older singers concerts because they actually sound the same in concert as they do on the radio and their cd's. Come concerts you go to and they don't even sound the same.
Melissa Pederman came out almost to the end of Reba's show and did a little comdey act with Reba. It was so funny, Shaun and I couldn't stop laughing. For those of you that don't know her she is a comedian that started on the "Reba" show with Reba, she was her ex-husband's wife. Melissa is also the host of the Singing Bee.

Then last but not least, this wonderful man came out. I do have to say he has aged a bit. But he is still pretty handsome. Sings just as good as ever. He did a lot of his older songs whichI liked.

We stayed at the Hilton down there so we didn't have to drive home late. I was glad because we didn't get out of the concert until midnight. When we got out it was pouring down rain. Good thing I put my umbrella in my purse as we walked out of the hotel room. It would have been a misreable walk to the hotel if we hadn't of had it.