Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buzz Lightyear

Preston, loves Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear right now. He turns 3 on Saturday so we are having a Toy Story cake, with Toy Story plates, and Toy Story gliders. I made the mistake of getting on YouTube and typing in Buzz Lightyear, now all he wants to do is watch Buzz on YouTube. Someone put the Disneyland Buzz ride on there and he loves to sit and watch it. We told him if he would start going potty in the toilet that we would take him to Disneyland so he could ride the Buzz ride. He said "No, I just watch it on the computer". I really don't want to take diapers to Disneyland when we go at the end of the year. We'll keep working on it.

Preston loves to run around the house with is one arm in the air saying "I'm Buzz Lightyear" and "To Infinity and beyond". He is so cute when he does it, it is fun watching him. My 4 year old Nephew let him "barrow" his Buzzl action figure for a week and he hasn't set it down since he brought it home. I've looked everywhere for one for him and can't find one, unless I want to pay a ton of money for one. I love him but not that much. I'm sure he will get plenty of Buzz/Toy Story stuff for his birthday.