Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sydney turns 8

Sydney turned 8 on January 2nd. We had family over for dinner and cake and ice cream. She got a lot of great presents from everyone. Then on the 2nd we went and got her ears pierced. It is a tradition in my family for grandma to take them and get their ears pierced when they turn 8. So we all went over to Claire's in Logan and Sydney got her ears pierced. She did great, didn't even cry, I was worried about her because she doesn't like pain at all. Then we went to Fredrico's for lunch and then went to the movies and saw Puss N Boots.

All the cousins: Ada, Shelby, Sydney, Hudson, Reggie in the corner, and Preston up front.

New robe from mom and dad.

Sweatshirt she got from cousin Hudson and Reggie.

Earrings she got from her cousin, Ada.

Her cake. I usually make her cake for her birthday but this year she wanted this one from Sam's club. A lot less time for me. It turned out great.

Getting ready to go in and get her ears pierced.

Taking the plunge

Showing off the new studs


Lisa said...

Cute! That's great that she didn't cry. I guess when you want something bad enough, pain is irrelevant! ;-)