Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Shaun bought Antonio this summer for chariot racing this winter, so he decided to run him on the flat track to see how well he ran.  Well, out of 3 times racing he placed all 3 times.  The first race he placed 2nd in Malad and the other 2 times he raced in Idaho Falls and place 3rd one week and 2nd the other, just barely getting beat.  So he has at least paid for his feed and entry fees.  Chariot races start the end of this month, hopefully he and Jake will win!!

 Shaun walking with Antonio in the paddock until it was time from the jockey to saddle up.
 The kids at the paddock waiting for Antonio to come out and get saddled for the the race.  The girls wore red because Antonio was in the red gate.
 Antonio coming back after racing.