Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grandma Munns' 90th Birthday

We celebrated my Grandma's 90th Birthday in August.  It was also the same weekend as Garland's Wheat and Beat days so we had plenty of things to do and have fun.  We had it at the Tremonton Library Park where they just opened a splash pad the week before.  We invited friends and distant family to stop by and visit with grandma, it was nice to see family form all sides show up.  I love my Grandma so much and remember always going to her house on holidays to play with cousins and eat.  She always made the best ham and homemade rolls.
Me and the kids with Grandma Munns.
My mom's cousin let us borrow his bounce house and extra large slip-n-slide.  The kids loved it and played none stop on them all day.

My cousins daughter, Regean, made cupcakes and shaped them into a 90, they were VERY good.
My brother Darin and his girlfriend, Jenny.
Preston going down the slip n slide
Sydney going down on her back.  I guess she thought she would go faster.
Shelby not quite making it all the way down.  Later that night we all met at the Garland Park for the fireworks.  It was a great day to celebrate a wonderful woman, who had a hand in raising me and my cousins.  We have a great family.