Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Summer Ball

We spent a lot of time at the ball park this Summer.  Garland City started their own league this year and had all the games at the same park, it was really nice to be able to go to one place, especially when all the kids were playing at the same time.  Sydney played machine pitch co-ed baseball and did really well.  She played short stop and 3rd base most of the time.  Her coach was great and had regular practices.

Shelby and Preston played t-ball on the same team, which helped so we didn't have to be to 3 games.
 Sydney at her first game.
 Shelby and Preston before their first game.

 Shelby and Preston's team got first place for getting the most outs in the season.

Sydney's league played a one day tournament at the end of their season, the ended up taking 3rd place out of 7 teams.